Summer’s here, and while it might seem like everyone is off on holiday, spending time with their kids, or just off their phones and soaking up the sun, it’s actually a fantastic time to connect with your customers. 

You might be wondering what to send out to your audience when it feels like they’re all lounging by the pool. Don’t worry, I’ve got five email ideas that will keep your audience engaged, even when they’re busy enjoying the summer.

Olympic-Themed Campaigns

Let’s pretend we’re Tom Daley and dive into the Olympic spirit!  Most people loves a good sporting event and the community it creates, so why not bring that excitement to your emails?

Wimbledon has just started and we’ve got almost four weeks of Olympics and Paralympics. Lots of time to get on board the sport theme.

Here’s what you could send:

Sport themed freebie: Giveaway a freebie with the purchase of a particular product, just like PomPom London have done by giving away a tennis ball keyring with certain purchases.

PomPom London Wimbledon themed email

Special Olympic Deals: Offer discounts every time your country wins a gold medal. It’s a win-win – you get sales, and your customers feel on top of the world.

Bronze, Silver, Gold!:  Sell handbags? Promote your medal-coloured faves. Do you offer different levels of coaching? Rename them just for the Olympics.


2. Summer Sales

Who doesn’t love a good summer sale? 

Early Bird Discounts: Give your loyal subscribers a head start with early access to your summer sale. Make them feel like VIPs with special discount codes just for them.

This is a great way to grow your list too by offering exclusivity or first dibs to subscribers.

Extract from LookFantastic Email - Secret Mystery Sale

Flash Sales: Turn the heat up with flash sales throughout the summer. Surprise subscribers with exclusive deals, build in scarcity and urgency. Summer doesn’t last and nor do these deals! 

Product Spotlights: Showcase your summer must-haves. Whether it’s the perfect poolside read or the comfiest sandals, make sure your customers know why they need it in their lives. 

Bag that turns into a beach towel with pockets? I’m in!


3. Prime Day Prep

Prime Day on is shopping madness in the best possible way.  You can also get in on the action even if you don’t sell on Amazon!


Tease Your Deals: Build excitement by teasing your Prime Day deals. Drop hints and sneak peeks to keep your customers on the edge of their seats.

Countdown Emails: Send a countdown series leading up to and the end of Prime Day. Each email can feature different deals, tips for making the most of the sale, and maybe a GIF or two to keep things fun.

Caraway email with Prime Day final hours countdownSource: Really Good Emails

Borrow the Prime Day theme:  Even if you don’t sell on Amazon, you can still use the day to build awareness of your brand too.  Beth at Gruum used the opportunity to remind people how helpful it is to continue supporting small business.  Entrepreneur Store sent out an email entitled “10 things NOT on Amazon”.

4. Give Customers Some Summer Lovin’

Show your customers some love this summer. A little appreciation goes a long way.

Thank You Notes: Send personalised thank you emails. A simple “Thanks for being awesome!” can make your customers’ day.  Do they have an anniversary coming up – been a subscriber for a year, anniversary of first purchase?

Klaviyo anniversary email

User Generated Content:
Feature your customers’ stories or testimonials. Everyone loves a shout out and in your inbox is no different.

Exclusive Previews: Give your best customers a sneak peek at new products or upcoming collections. Early access feels like a backstage pass and who doesn’t love that?


5. Interactive Content

Make your emails interactive.  People go online for education and entertainment and summertime is the perfect time to entertain your audience.

Surveys and Polls: Create fun surveys or polls. Ask for feedback on new products, customer satisfaction, or even what flavour of ice cream they prefer. It’s engaging and informative.


Quizzes: Design a quirky quiz related to your products or industry – they can be as fun and silly as you like. Quizzes are super engaging and perfect for sharing.  


Emma Bed's quiz

Challenges: Introduce off a summer-themed challenge.

Maybe a photo contest where customers share pics of your products in action. Winner gets featured in future emails and on social media plus they get a prize – and you get some cool user generated content.



Conclusion: Have some email fun this summer

Summer might feel a bit quieter, but with these email ideas, you’ll keep your customers engaged and excited.

Get creative, have fun, and make this summer one to remember for your business and your customers!


Happy emailing, and enjoy the sunshine (even if you are in the UK)!


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