I love working with a variety of businesses and I’m passionate about businesses investing properly in email marketing and paid ads.

That doesn’t mean that I’m the right fit for every business who wants to use email marketing and Facebook ads, and you may not be the right fit for me.  

Being the ‘right fit’ doesn’t mean I don’t like that business (though I’d probably pass on a wine business.  Crazy right? Sorry, just don’t like the stuff).  It just means that our working ways are different.  

Have you ever thought you’d love to work with a particular business then had a discovery call and perhaps a follow up meeting and only then found that you can’t work together for whatever reason?  It’s a bit frustrating to put time and energy into a relationship only to find it doesn’t work.

In this article, I’ve set out 7 reasons why we won’t be a good fit.


1. You have a multi-level marketing business

This isn’t about me thinking it’s unethical or a scam.  I know it’s not and, done right, can be a great business for you.  No, what I mean here is that if you have an MLM business you cannot use email marketing and Facebook Ads.  And therefore I can’t work with you.  Sorry.

Many email marketing providers do not allow MLMs to use their platforms to send emails. 

Instead, MLM companies will send out their own email updates to your customers with a direct link to your distributor account.  

The same goes with Facebook ads.  Facebook policy says “Adverts promoting income opportunities must fully describe the associated product or business model, and must not promote business models offering quick compensation for little investment, including multi-level marketing opportunities“. 

Harsh I know for those building solid businesses but that’s the rules.


2. You want to send emails once a month or less

I like to work with businesses who understand the value of email marketing and are prepared to invest in this brilliant marketing tool.  That means being prepared to create an email marketing strategy and sending at the very least twice a month (preferably more), all the while continually growing an engaged email list.

If you’re sending just one email a month then you’re only giving yourself 12 chances in one year to let your subscribers get to know you, get to understand how you can help and get to trust you.  Twelve emails or less a year gives your very few opportunities to promote and position yourself.  

Depending on which email marketing platform you are using and the number on your list, you might not have to pay a monthly cost to that platform.  If that’s the case, make the most of it!!  You’ve get this awesome tool at little or not cost and it’s there for the taking.


3. You want someone to code HTML emails

Of course, how your email looks can play a part in whether people open and engage.  

The emails I send for clients are mainly text with limited images.  Sometimes I’ll use a template from the email provider’s library.  I can also build a template from scratch using the drag and drop building blocks available in the email editor.  Images used will be often be created on Canva.  A lot of ecommerce emails you receive will be made this way.

But what I can’t create is fully coded HTML emails.  If you see an email you like the design of and want something similar, let me know and I’ll explain if this is fully coded or not and if I can recreate something using drag and drop.

This is where email marketing meets web design and I don’t do web design.  But once your email is designed, feel free to come back to me for monthly management.


4. You want to meet face to face

Don’t get me wrong, I do like people.  Networking if one of my fave ways to meet new businesses. 

However, I work with people all over the UK and even in the United States.  At the time of writing this article, I’ve  not met any of my current clients face to face. 

That’s the beauty of working online – we don’t need to meet in person.  The nature of my business means that everything is done online and that can go for meetings too thanks to Zoom or Google Meet.

If I do meet clients face to face then I will factor in a cost for this.


5.You can’t afford my monthly ads management fee

I work with small to medium sized businesses on their Facebook and Instagram ads.  Along with the ads budget that you pay direct to Facebook, you also need to factor in my management fee and this starts at £400 per month.  My fee increases in increments depending on your ads budget. 

The higher your budget, the more options we have eg. I’m able to create multiple audiences for your ads.  A higher budget also means I can do lots of testing, such as trying out different ad creatives such as image versus video.


6.  You’re not very organised 

Sorry if you feel this is a bit picky and personal. 

The thing is, if I’m working on your regular email broadcasts or creating Facebook ads (or both if we’re doing lead generation) then I will need content and assets from you on a timely basis. 

Content might be articles or promotions you’re linking to in your emails, or landing pages you’re linking to in your Facebook ads.  If I’m writing the copy for you then I’ll need this approved pretty quickly.

I’ll probably also need creative assets such as images for your emails or ads.  Delays to getting these assets will delay your campaigns and you won’t be getting value for money.


7. You want a guarantee that emails and ads will work for you

I wish I could wave a magic wand but I can’t do this. Sorry. 

There are so many external factors that affect digital marketing over which I have no control.  Hello pesky virus.  Hello Apple iOs15.

What I will do is guarantee I will do my best for you with the knowledge and experience I have.

Additionally, elements of digital marketing don’t work independently of other elements.  What I mean is that you also need to work on content, social media, your website and SEO. Think of them like one big Venn diagram where they each overlap.

For example, your ads may get clicks but if your website is not offering a good customer experience then you may lose sales or lead generation. 

I like to think holistically (maybe it’s my previous life as a holistic therapist) and so I will help you work out what needs more work.


If you’re thinking that none of the above apply to you then what are you waiting for!  Let’s chat about how we can work together or have a look at My Offers and see how I can help you.




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