About Me

Hey, thanks for popping by.  

Hi there, I’m Sarah Stiffin

I’ve been a freelance digital marketer since 2016 but have been learning about marketing for so much longer.  I live just outside London (if I stand on my bed, I can see Canary Wharf) but work virtually anywhere.


Before I became a freelancer, I ran my own business as a holistic therapist. I fully embraced online marketing and had other therapists coming to me asking what should they do.

And prior to being a therapist, I was an Executive PA, working for top bods in advertising, sport marketing, retail and the drinks industry (a fridge of alcohol under my desk? Oh go on then).


Countries Visited

Marathons Run

Cups of Coffee

Sarah really knows her stuff and explains everything in a simple and straight forward way.
~ Natalie, Designer

My Skills

I help serviced-based businesses generate leads and creates sales through email marketing and paid social.

Why work with me?
  • Hard working, reliable, relaxed
  • I’m an ideas person. As with my old therapy work, I still take the holistic approach and am always looking at the wider picture.
  • I’m a data geek and love using that data to see what and what isn’t working.
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
  • Content Creation

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