The growing popularity in National Awareness Days and Months makes an ideal marketing tool for your business, providing inspiration for your content. Originally set up by charities to bring focus to their cause, awareness days can also help you promote your offering too. 

What are Awareness Days?

Awareness days (or weeks/months) are often set up by businesses and charities to highlight a health condition whilst others aim to bring communities together, highlight something for the common good, improve your health and wellbeing or mark a particular event.  There’s something for everything these days. 

There’s a whole host of awareness days, ranging from condition-specific eg World Asthma Day to broader subjects such as National Allotment Week and random events like, erm, Naked Gardening Day.

To find what’s going on, simply Google awareness days and you’ll find several websites that have collated a year’s events.  I particularly like Days of The Year though this is more USA focussed but does have plenty of global events listed too.

How to Use Awareness Days in Your Marketing

Whilst your audience may be interested in the many awareness events, the point is not to just list them in your newsletter or link to on Facebook Page.  What you need to do is add context to the awareness day.

Of course, you don’t need to highlight every awareness event – there are hundreds! – but pick a few to use in your content marketing. Since these days are known long in advance, this means you can plan your content way ahead of time.

Use the awareness day to link back to your product or service and show how you can bring a solution to people’s problems.  You can certainly have fun with these days but try not to make the link too tenous.

For example, a nutritionist could use National Allotment Week to promote healthy and organic eating and promote her raw juicing programme. 

Valentine’s Day (all above love obvs) pretty much allows any business to talk about why they love their business, their clients, why their clients would love their business and so on.   

An interior designer could showcase their expertise and knowledge with how-to tips on Organise Your Home Office Day.

Leave The Office Earlier Day (yes there is such a day) is an ideal prompt for a business coach to talk about boundaries.

Conversation and Engagement

It’s not all about promotion though.

Awareness days provide a great opportunity for conversation and engagement.  Each awareness day will usually have an associated hashtag so be sure to use these on Instagram and Twitter in your posts.  

Using the hashtags will enable you to join in the conversation on social media as well as allowing people to find and contact you, thus building your audience.

Feel free to comment below with your favourite awareness day and how you use it in your business.


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