Email Checklist Steps 11-12

Hello again.

Glad to see you’ve come back for more email marketing know-how.

Ok, so here are the last two points on the Checklist.

Step 11 is make sure you are sending to the right recipients. 

Personalisation isn’t just about adding a first name.  It’s also about sending the right information to the right people. 

So things to think about here:  are you sending out a broadcast to someone still in your welcome sequence (because that disrupts flow and is confusing) or are you still sending out product launch ‘buy me’ emails to someone who has already bought (because that’s annoying). 

And are you sending out information to people who won’t ever buy because it’s  not relevant or, God forbid, insensitve.  I once got an email from an insurance company about renewing pet insurance when I’d already advised them that my cats had died!  I tweeted my annoyance and upset and they sent me an M&S voucher!

And finally, step 12.

Have you scheduled for the right day and time?

Yes people are going to visit their inboxes multiple times during the day.  But people are more likely to open your email when it arrives in their inbox.  And if your subscriber is busy at that time then you’ve missed an email open opportunity.   

Say your target market is mums with primary school aged children.  If you send your email at 8am, chances are they’ll be up to their eyeballs in sandwich lunches, lost school shoes and “have you cleaned your teeth yet!!” desperation and reading your email is waaaay down their agenda. 

As for days of the week, I wouldn’t recommend sending on Sundays as studies show it’s the least popular day.   

So that’s all the steps on the Checklist ticked off.  But actually there is a lot more to getting the best out of  email marketing.  Stick around and I’ll be sharing lots more top tips.

Oh, and my tip about Step 1 will be with you very soon!











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