Email Checklist Steps 5-7

Well hello again.

Glad to see you eager to learn more about emailing the right way.

Ok, so here’s points 5- 7 on the Checklist.

Step 5 is send a test to yourself.  

Even though you’ll read through the email within the email editor, seeing it in the inbox as a subscriber would will enable you to see it in a different way.  

Is the line spacing correct, is the call to action button too big, have you left in any unused blocks (see step 2), does it look too wordy, do I need my glasses to see the tiny text (see step 7)?

Step 6 – notice any glaring spelling mistakes.  

I know we’re all human and the odd mistake will sneakily slip through but if you’re someone who likes to promote attention to detail, then it’s details like this that will stand out a mile.

Step 7 is about font size.  

I like to use at least font 15 but often 16.  And no fancy shmancy fonts please. I use Arial, no matter the brand font.  It’s easy to read.  Since everyone skim reads emails these days, the easier the email is to read, the more information the reader will take in. 


Forget what you learnt at school.

It’s ok to have a new paragraph with each line.  

And it’s ok too to start a sentence with and.  

Remember, an email should be conversational and, if written correctly, the subscriber should be able to hear you speaking in their head when they read the email.

OK, that’s enough for today.  

Steps 8-10 are winging their way to you very soon.





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