Email Marketing

Staying in touch

Whilst social media can raise awareness, it’s often email where relationships are built and sales are made. Building your subscriber list is an important part of your marketing activities. I can help you set up your email marketing accounts and optimise your lists for the best experience for you and your clients.

How I can support you

Setting up

Let me help you set up your accounts, new lists, forms, tags, segments and automations.

Lead Magnets

One way to get subscribers is by offering a freebie, or a lead magnet. The tech behind delivering a lead magnet out can be slightly confusing. I’ll make sure all the elements link together so that your lead magnet is delivered with ease.

Account Review

Too many lists? Not sure if your automations have the correct triggers? Getting your sequences and segments mixed up. I can carry out a review of your account and give you recommendations for an easier email marketing experience.


Sending out a newsletter regularly will help build a relationship with your audience. I can help you with content and production.


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