Are you making the most of your email marketing?  Let me ‘audit’ your platform and see what you’re doing right and what can be improved.


Are you using email but not entirely sure if you’re doing it right? 

Firstly, high five if you are already using email marketing.

You’re not alone though because many businesses are not making the most of their email marketing.  In fact, many are sending out emails that are likely hitting the spam box or just not getting the response they desire.  This could change with just a few tweaks.

If you want more eyes on your emails on your emails, then my Email Optimiser is for you.

What’s included

Cost : from £357 (depending on no. of contacts)

Content Check – I’ll look at what you’ve been sending out to subscribers and make  my recommendations.  Often less is more.


Layout Look – if the layout of your email doesn’t work for your subscriber then they’ll close it straight away.  I’ll take a look and report back on tweaks you can make.


Technical Look Over – quite apart from the email itself, there’s lots that can be done that can increase deliverability and provider a great subscriber experience.  I’ll check out what’s going on in your platform and see what’s working and what’s not, including looking at tags, segments and who you are sending to.


My report – I’ll report back on strengths and weaknesses and give you my recommendations. I’ll provide a written report but I know sometimes people don’t have time to read that so I’ll give you a video too. That way you’ll also see what I mean when I’m pointing out things that need tweaking. 


Ready to get started?

Once you complete the purchase, you’ll be redirected to a form with some questions and instructions from me. (I’ll also send you the link by email in case you close your browser).

You’ll get your report within 7 working days and you can ask any questions in the following week.

I will provide you with recommendations but will not be carrying out that work (although can quote if need some support).


Please note that I will require access to your email service provider whilst I am compiling my report.  Full details on how to give me access are in the form.



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