A great way to to find new leads and nurture them until they become customers is by using combining Facebook ads with email marketing. (I say Facebook but this does include Instagram ads too).


Once these prospects are on your email list, you can then continue to send them helpful content.

1. Create a lead magnet (a free resource)

To attract leads on to your email list,  you need to give them something in return.  This is known as a lead magnet.  An email is a valuable asset and you should treat it as such.

People rarely opt-in to an email list just for the sake of it, so offer to send them something juicy that is going to give them a quick win.

If you’re a coach, course creator or consultant there are a myriad of things you could offer such as a checklist, templates, tutorials, free trials, ebooks and online tools.

Ecommerce businesses often use discounts or free shipping as a lead magnet.


Blog Sarah Stiffin ecommerce opt in


2. Use a landing page to collect subscriber details

Next you need to give people a place where they can find out more about your lead magnet and leave their name and email address.

A landing page is where you have people ‘land’ from your ad.  There’s usually an attention grabbing headline with some info about the freebie.  On the page is the opt-in form with call to action button (CTA).

Keep the info you ask to a minimum and have a stand out CTA inviting people to do exactly what you want them to do eg Download Checklist, Book a Call, etc.


Blog Sarah Stiffin - example of landing page


You can build the landing page and opt-in form on your website and integrate with your email marketing provider.  Most email marketing providers also provider good landing page builders too.


3. Create a Facebook Ads Campaign

Create a campaign using the conversions objective.  You want people to take a specific action and by using the the conversions objective, you are telling Facebook to find people who are likely to take this action and opt-in.

If you use, say, Traffic objective yes you’ll probably get more people to your landing page but they won’t necessarily be the type of people who will opt-in.


Facebook Ads Conversion objective


There are several audiences you can create in Ads Manager.

  • A completely cold audience based on your ideal client avatar.  This is known as an Interest Based Audience.
  • People who have engaged with your business already eg visited your website, follow you on Instagram
  • A lookalike audience of those in point 2.  If you have a large email list already, you could import your subscribers to make a custom audience and then create a lookalike from that audience. Create a nurture sequence.To import your email list, go to Audiences in Business Manager and choose Create Audience >  Custom List and then your CSV or TXT file download from your email marketing platform.


Facebook Custom Audience


4. Create your email nurture sequence

This is where you start to build the like, know and trust via your emails.

The first automated email you send out will be to deliver the lead magnet.  You then send out an automated nurture sequence, allowing your new subscribers to get to know you more and see further how you can help them.

Once they have gone through your nurture sequence, be sure not to let them go cold.  Keep emailing them regularly, segmenting if needs be.


5. Retarget your list with bottom of the funnel ads

Returning to Facebook ads, you can then retarget your new subscribers with your offer.  Your name will be front of their minds as they will have just come into your eco-system and gone through the nurture sequence.

This campaign isn’t about awareness or consideration – they’ve got to know you via your lead magnet and your nurture sequence.  This time you can use copy that talks directly about what you are selling rather than copy than just warms them up.


You can see that Facebook ads and email marketing go hand in hand when in comes to growing your business and creating sales.

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