I help you connect with your audience using social media, email marketing and Facebook/Instagram ads

Are you overwhelmed by the time and energy it takes to manage all the online marketing that you need to grow your business?

Is tech a constant frustration or time sapper for you?

You're great at what you do BUT...

You feel confused about what tech you actually need. You faff about, wasting time on customer support, trying to figure out social media and email marketing, whilst getting baffled about how to get leads into your business.

You give up and that’s what holds you back

Hey busy business owner, does this sound familiar? 

  • ​​You’re working many hours in your business and don’t have time to post on social media each day.
  • ​You’re not making the most of email marketing to engage your audience.
  • You get overwhelmed by online tech and get frustrated when it doesn’t integrate with your other online platforms.
  • You are at a loss how to repurpose your content  (and actually what on earth do you write about anyway?!).

Maybe you dream of launching a new product or an online course but…

  • Have no idea where to start and in what order to do things.
  • Struggle to integrate course platform, emails and payment settings.
  • You’re confused over how to use social media to let people know about your offer.
  • You wonder how on earth you’ll juggle everything.

This is how it works

We’ll sit down and work out what you need.  Maybe you need social media support and email marketing support. Perhaps you also need all your lead magnets updating. Or do you need support with an online course?

I’ll figure out what I can take off your hands and make life easier for you.

I’ll plan out what I can do, or maybe you just need your hand holding through it all.

Working with Sarah is great, she had supported my business through many areas including social media planning and setting up and running many chat.

She has great knowledge and experience and is always up to do date with social media trends.

Her support to my business has been invaluable.

Danielle White

Sarah is such a font of knowledge when it comes to all things ‘techy’ that you need to know when running a small business. No-one prepares you for the vast amount of tech that is now part of your business every single day, so if you’re stuck with something or spending way too much of your time doing something that’s really not your core thing – then call Sarah!

Alison Duddy

For the past few months Sarah has handled everything online in my business. 

Sarah takes my blog posts and turns them into videos, social media posts, and more. She has done wonderful things with Mailchimp for my newsletter, designed the platform for my online coaching program and is a wonderful source of support, advice and genius ideas. 

Working with Sarah has saved me so much time, I can focus on working with my clients and doing the things I enjoy in my business, knowing everything else is in safe hands. Thank you Sarah, you are amazing!

Ruth Randall

She is always professional; ready prepared; doesn’t react to stress; seamlessly (it seems!) manages the mini-crises that occur and does it all with good humour and grace. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough

Gail Hugman

Teacher & Author

Sarah has been a fantastic help these past few months bringing her technology and social media skills and her passion for holistic health into my social media activities.

Sarah is a well organised and very reliable person to work with. I really enjoyed our collaboration and would recommend her service without a doubt. Many thanks Sarah for your great work.

Pascale C



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