Instagram Guides are the latest feature to appear on the app. 

They offer a great opportunity to create and curate several pieces of content in one place for your followers to read.  They’re like mini Pinterest boards.

You can use Guides to share your own content or to highlight content from other users (a great way to get noticed by another user that you admire by the way). 

To create a Guide:

  • Go to your profile
  • Click on + and choose Guide. 
  • Select which Guide type you want to create.


You then simple choose the content that you want in your Guide.  Once you’ve chosen your posts, added titles and optional text description, choose a cover photo, click Next and upload. It’s as simple as that.

With a Product Guide, the physical products you choose must already be in a user’s Instagram Shop.  If you have products to sell, make sure you have uploaded them into an Instagram Shop so other users can share your products. Note that you cannot put digital products in an Instagram Shop.

A Posts or Places Guide can be your own posts and/or posts you have saved from another user.

Here are some creative ways to use Guides

1. Showcase your favourite products from your online catalog.

If you sell physical products online then you really need to set up an Instagram Shop so people can buy your products direct from the app.  Only products that are in a Shop can be added to a Guide.

2. Collaborate with other businesses in your niche to create a user guide

Perhaps you’re a wellness professional – you could curate tips relating to an aspect of health from other wellness pros.  Or maybe you work in the interior design business so you could create a Guide with ideas from your favourite suppliers.

3.  Create a ‘top tips’ guide using your most popular posts

Whatever niche you’re in, if you’re creating posts that are ‘how-tos’ or problem solve then these posts will make great content for your Guide.

4.  Showcase your testimonials and show how brilliant you are

Put all your testimonial posts in one place to highlight how much love clients and customer have for you.

5.  Create a ‘Resources’ Guide highlighting your frequently used apps or products

Perfect for a Virtual Assistant who could help users by creating a productivity Guide. Or maybe you are a skincare expert then you could create a ‘Winter Skincare Guide’ for example.

6.  Highlight local businesses

If you’re a local business, show some love to your fellow local businesses and share in Stories, tagging your locality.

7.  Create an online vision board for all to see

Who doesn’t love a vision board?  Put your wishes out there and who knows what will come back, plus it might inspire others to create their own boards.



Guides can be shared via Stories and DMs, giving you another way to get eyes on them.




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