I can help you use social media the right way so that your ideal audience wants to see and learn more about your business

Are you struggling to
get social media to work for you?

You know that social media plays a huge part in building awareness of your product or service and building relationships with your customers and clients.



You feel overwhelmed, trying to juggle social media with all your other work


You struggle with finding inspiration for posts


You can't find the time to devote to your social media


You don't know how to find the right hashtags


You get little engagement on your posts

Sarah Stiffin Social Media


Get your social sorted!

Working with me, Sarah Stiffin, your Social Media Manager, will feel like a weight off your shoulders, knowing your social media accounts are getting the love they deserve.

I’ll post on the right platforms at the right times with copy that attracts and speaks to your ideal client.

You start to enjoy engaging with other accounts and seeing the love come back to yours.

You notice that people are commenting that the see you ‘everywhere’ on social media and that makes you feel happy.

You feel relieved, knowing your social media accounts are in good hands, giving you more time to focus on other parts of your business (and get to enjoy your down time too).

OK, SO ..

What next?

So let’s chat.  Click here to find some time in my diary for a free discovery call.  If you prefer to chat initially over email then go to my Contact page.

You can let me know what you’re currently struggling with and find out more about how I can help.

I’ll then send you a proposal, outlining how I can support you.  If you’re happy with that, we can then get started.

Social media planning


How much does it cost?

I charge from £350 per platform per month for full content creation, scheduling and reporting.  If you need something else like accounts setting up, hashtag research or profile audit thats ok and my costs start at £99.

Do I need a social media strategy?

Yes you do.  The strategy is like a plan. You wouldn’t go on a long car journey without planning where you are going, where you might stop, which roads to take.  I can help you form your strategy and work out when, where, what and how you are going to post to maximise your accounts.

I'm worried you'll lose my tone of voice

In our initial discussions I will find out all about your business, your keywords, what you say, how you talk, any buzz words from your industry.  I will run posts past you beforehand so you can see if I’m on the right track and make any suggestions.  People won’t know it’s not you posting!

How does it work?

For social media monthly management, we’ll have a meeting to go over your strategy, looking at where, when and what to post in line with your business goals. 

I’ll then create/curate posts and schedule for you, keeping an eye on metrics.  You will have final sign off for all posts before they are published. At the end of each month I’ll report back about what’s working and what’s not.

We’ll agree times for  a regular catch up eg weekly, bi-weekly.  For quick messages, I use Slack or the  Telegram app.

Will you stick to my brand guidelines?

Absolutely! One of the first things I ask from clients is their brand guidelines, including fonts, colour, style and voice.

I'm not sure exactly what I need

That’s fine and you’re not alone. Some clients just need a steer regarding content, whilst others need full-on done-for-you help.  When we have an initial chat I’ll get a good idea on what you need and what I can offer in my proposal.

Success Stories

What a thought provoking and informative Zoom call with Sarah in preparation for the social media launch of my new business. The knowledge, insight and support you provided have really enhanced my start up journey.

I highly recommend Sarah Stiffin Online and I can’t wait to catch up again

Michelle Flynn, MF Partnership

Working with Sarah is great, she had supported my business through many areas including social media planning and setting up and running many chat.

She has great knowledge and experience and is always up to do date with social media trends.

Her support to my business has been invaluable!

Danielle White

Sarah keeps herself up-to-date with the constantly changing world of social media and online marketing.

Working with Sarah has saved me so much time, I can focus on working with my clients and doing the things I enjoy in my business, knowing everything else is in safe hands. Thank you Sarah, you are amazing!.

Ruth Randall, Life Coach