We all know that content is what makes your social media platforms.  Content is king so they say.  But coming up with content can be time consuming.  Here’s the thing.  You don’t have to create organic content week after week.  What you can do is use ‘curated content’ as well.

Whilst social media platforms, Facebook in particular, love original content, it’s perfectly acceptable to curate content from around the internet.

Curating content is about pulling together pieces of information from other sources that you know your fans will find useful.  Think of a museum curator who brings together artefacts that he knows his visitors will love, or a music festival curator who brings together the best groups that she knows the fans will enjoy.

Curation is about sourcing and sharing information on your particular area of knowledge or industry with your fans and followers.  Maybe you’ve seen a great article on another Page that really highlights in your industry that you know your fans will find useful.

So what are the benefits to curating content?

Curating content demonstrates that you are on the pulse of what’s happening by experts and peers in your area of business.  Remember to add some context as to why you are sharing their posts. Plus, when you tag them or their Page on Facebook, retweet them on Twitter or mention them on Instagram, then you are going to be visible to them.

Curating content saves time. A lack of time is what I hear A LOT when people explain why social media is not a priority. Much as we’d love to spend all the time creating content, we all have other stuff we need to do – business and family. Build a list of go-to resources and sites and you’ll have content to share in no time.

If you want to be seen as knowledgeable in your industry as a whole, and not just for the niche that people come to see you for, then use curated content to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding. For example, a massage therapist could share content on all aspects of natural health and wellness and not just massage.

Content curation is a form of research for your own business.  As you browse social media to find content to share, notice what is getting people talking.  Notice what is trending, what are the latest fads and fashions and what direction is your industry as a whole moving.  This can help you hugely in your own business planning.

When you share other’s content, tag them.  Curating content can spark connections with others in your industry and is great for networking and introductions.

Some thoughts about curating content.

Make sure the content you are sharing is relevant to your audience.   Remember at all times you need to be building value for your fans and followers, which in turn builds trust.

Never just share the link and go, even if it’s just a quote.  Always add a few words, a sentence or two, explaining why you are sharing this content to put it into context for your readers. 

When considering the amount of curated content versus your organic created content, the general thought is around 25% to 33% of your overall content.  What’s important is to track your analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t.


If you have any questions about curated content, feel free to leave them in the comments.  Contact me if you would like any help in creating content for your business.